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Additional Services

Pre-Purchase Consulting

Many people are buying properties that seem suitable to their needs, but later on, and sometimes too late – they realize that the property requires renovation and fitting that may waste precious time and money.

We invite our clients to enjoy consulting services regarding potential apartments and properties, a service that estimates the potential of the property prior to purchasing, and identifies if the client's requirements can be fulfilled? What is the cost of investment? Is the investment worthwhile? The answers to these questions save clients unnecessary involvement.


Interior Design and "Dressing the House" – Hand in Hand

Ariel Gur Studio allows clients that are not interested in renovation or construction, to give a facelift to their houses.

According to the client's needs, budget, and terms and the space available – we build together the array of furniture including the smallest details, such as: lighting, textile, art and design items, wallpapers, colors, special concealments and more. We customize the relevant materials and suppliers to the clients' project. 


Design for Property Enhancement 

 Own an apartment for investment and interested in a design that will increase its monthly return? Whether the property is in Israel or abroad, we will assist you in reaching spectacular results, even with a limited budget, while utilizing the maximal potential of the property.


Experiential Lectures for Groups and Organizations

Ariel Gur Studio invites you to enjoy a glance at the world of design. A creative and easy atmosphere of experiential lectures will enrich the world of your employees and customers, provide them with a taste of various leading trends in the Israeli and international world of design, and leave them with a taste for more. 

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