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Behind the Scenes

The studio staff includes a fine collection of experienced designers and architects,  

Providing a solution for each type of project and for each of the stages in it.

The team is headed by Ariel Gur, the chief designer and owner of the studio,  

Boasting about two decades of experience in the field:  

  • Outstanding graduate in the interior design department at HIT - the Holon Institute of Technology 

  • Lecturer and student leader in the Department of Interior Design at HIT - the Holon Institute of Technology for the past 8 years - teaches the field of design on all sides and takes part in building the next generation of designers in Israel

  • In the past, Ariel was a partner in the management of an interior design and architecture studio, and managed clients and projects of various sizes. 

  • Ariel has extensive experience in leading architectural and interior design offices in a variety of positions - renovation, new construction, permit preparation, design of cultural centers, medical centers, holiday projects abroad and more.  

  In order to provide our customers with the perfect service package, we collaborate with a variety of leading suppliers in their field, and make sure to select our partners so that they are professional, high-quality, reliable and service-oriented, and ensure the completion of the project in the most professional manner. 

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